Friday, November 13, 2009

Seasons Of Vintage

Those of us who cherish vintage definitely have good reason. What is there to not love? The patterns are amazing, the designs are so original, some are excellent, top quality fabrics and materials that would be so expensive now days. We all love vintage for different reasons, but they are all about what we reflect in our personalities. Reasons may be from the historical significance, or someone inspired to “go green”. Recycling has become a very popular, thank God!You don’t have to be a genius to look in the stores and see that so many trends are vintage inspired. Winter is approaching so its time to start looking for some great winter vintage inspired coats! In this economy it’s a little more difficult to splurge on clothing like so many of us love to do, so its great to use vintage as a way to look great for less. There are still your vintage staples that are ok to splurge on like shoes, bags, jackets and coats. In honor of the season, to celebrate all clothing that’s fashionable and funky, Here are some pictures to showcase some of the seasons most fashion forward vintage. Fashion gurus and magazines are continually convicted that wearing vintage is the most unique and stylish fortune of fashion, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. The trend is becoming more and more mainstream. Designers are getting creative in ways in which vintage is introduced. Some who write about fashion depict that vintage styles and clothing will never truly be a thing of the past. It is viewed as difficult to replace the popularity and the culture behind it. Clothing designers from the lower end of fashion to the most desired and high fashion designers allow vintage and to influence their seasons most exquisite designs.The media is just now, showing the beginning of the vintage uproar, so keep your eyes open for the things we are coming across in light of vintage. This winter, velvet is flying off of the racks. Vintage is what we are referring to as the new “fly”. The designs will always be revered for being the most classic irreplaceable chic.